The Bates Golf Group prides themselves on the precise attention to detail that every successful project adheres to.  There is so much more than moving some dirt to the full-service list of abilities and responsibly required to build a quality golf course today.


The Bates Golf Group, believes in the team approach. Trusted professionals in a multitude of skill sets make up the core of our experienced team. Typically a golf course is the crown jewel of an overall master plan. Our team works closely with the entire master plan’s goals. Coordinating infrastructure, amenities and purpose to the targeted demographic is important to insure that the entire project is a success.


“On-Time and On-Budget” is not just a catch phrase with the Bates Golf Group, it is a key part of our professional mantra and company reputation. The integrity of design and goals of the ownership is paramount to our day to day operations. Below is a partial list of our extensive services.


Site Analysis

Plan Documents

Project Permits

Project Bids

Enviromental Impact

Contractor Selection

Site Engineering

On-Site Visits / Supervision

Course Routing

Agronomic Services

Project Planning

Site and Course Grow-In

Design Layout

Promotion, PR, Marketing

Experience the Bates Golf Group Difference

Salish Cliffs - Shelton Washington

Our experience with hundreds of successful projects ensures that our team can help foresee construction issues long before they become relevant. Our services from the first site visit to the ribbon-cutting ceremony, are some of the most extensive and detailed in the entire golf industry.

Our Owners Speak Up . . .



“The Coeur d’Alene Tribe insisted on excellence when we decided to build a golf course as an amenity for our casino resort hotel. To that end, we committed more than 600 acres of ancestral homelands for the creation – four times more than the average amount of land used for golf designs.


Our wish was that the course routing be as natural as possible, organically inspired by the terrain. As the Creator intended. Gene Bates did a wonderful job executing our vision while taking care of our land and using it to illuminate its many gifts.”


Laura Penney, MBA
CEO of Coeur d’Alene Casino Resort Hotel
Circling Raven Golf Course




“Gene Bates was the architect for both Stonebridge Golf Club and The Ridge Golf Club where he has provided beautiful and highly functional golf courses for our community and the State of Utah. Our players come great distances to enjoy the fruits of his labor.


Gene’s services go far beyond the initial design and implementation process as he takes great pride in his work and the future of his courses.  We witnessed this firsthand as he assisted us long after one of our courses opened joining in meetings and sharing his expertise as proposed changes from outside entities were being imposed upon us.  His passion and knowledge helped tremendously. 


He continues to check in and offer ongoing suggestions and ideas.  West Valley City is extremely pleased with his work and professionalism and I would recommend his services to anyone who is interested in creating an exquisite golf course that will provide enjoyment and be successful for generations to come.”
Nancy Day, CPRP
Director, West Valley City Parks & Recreation

Stonebridge and The Ridge Golf Clubs