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A Reputation for Integrity, Excellence and Quality of Design.

Our Design Services

The Bates Golf Group has a reputation for integrity, excellence and quality of design.  We have a varied staff of professionals, from engineers to PGA professionals, with outstanding expertise in not only the design but vast experience overseeing the development, grow-in and promotion of courses worldwide.

Preserving the reality of the owner’s original dreams and integrity of the original design is of paramount importance to the Bates Golf Group. Each course is a partnership, a relationship designed to last for years, not only with the ownership, but with the key team members, engineers, agronomists and superintendents. This team relationship is the key to a successful project.

Trusted Professionals, Experience Matters.

The Course Type Makes

A Huge Difference.

In the world of golf there are four major project types . . . It is important to understand not only the demographics of who will eventually play these courses, but also the business model of how those operations will need to perform.  The proper design of these course types can quite honestly be the difference between success and failure of the operation. These are not a one size fits all type of project. Careful planning to enhance the experience of each course must be considered. The Bates Golf Group is vastly experienced and have won multiple national awards for all four types of projects.

Experience You Can Trust Makes a Difference.

Private Clubs

Private Club courses are a delicate blend of pride of membership that allows each player to play their best. The key is to build to the club’s projected demographic in creating teeing grounds, hazards and yardages that can accommodate a wide range of player abilities.

Resort Courses

Truly the sports car of golf courses.  Sleek and sexy, but built with tremendous safety. In other words, it has to be an incredible track that creates both wonderful memories and great scores. No one wants to go to a bucket-list course only to post an embarrassing score. It’s a great design opportunity.

Daily Fee

The daily fee is one of the most challenging design opportunities. It is the touchstone of all golf, where the love of the game develops. It must challenge the elite player and accommodate the beginner. It is designed to move large numbers efficiently and without undue stress on a course’s maintenance. They occupy a special place in a golfer’s heart. 


Renovations are needed for two basic reasons;  1) Course age and breakdown of infrastructure.  2) Upgrading an old design into a more receptive modern and contemporary course. The #1 project today, many times a full renovation is an opportunity to actually build a virtually brand new and exciting course.

Green Springs Golf Course, Utah - Daily Fee
Green Springs Golf Course, Utah - Daily Fee


“I can’t believe it took us this long to find Gene Bates and make a change. So happy that we did. The numbers don’t lie.”

Green Springs Golf Course, Utah

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