Golfweek’s Best of 2021: Best Public Golf Courses You Can Play, State by State.

Article by John R. Johnson – 

The Bates Golf Group thinks Course Rankings are a big deal, some don’t, but Gene Bates does. Awards represent all the hard work so many have put in to be a shining dot on state map and bright spot in their community. 

Every year the rankers go out and evaluate courses on a 10 point criteria that encompasses many different aspects from layout, conditions, aesthetics, service and many more including, believe it or not . . . fun!  Multiple rankers give it a score and then those scores are averaged to a final list per state.

While we are personally proud of the awards, as you can see it is truly a team effort. Without excellence in the construction, agronomy and maintenance, excellence in design does not look so excellent. 

In addition, courses are also judged on service, staffing, clubhouse and how a person ‘feels’ or is treated while playing a course. Again, more team members and outstanding leadership is what determines overall awards.

To add to the award mix, there are many award bodies and types of awards. Take for example the awards at just one of our projects in the state of Washington. A Tribal Course that has really made the spot light . . .

Salish Cliffs Golf Club Awards

Golfweek – National Awards

Best New Course                        #8                       2011

Top 50 Casino Courses              #6 to #10          2012 – 2020

Top 100 Resort Courses             #39 to #66       2013 – 2020

Best in Washington State           # 3 & #4           2012 – 2021

Golf Digest Awards

Best in Washington State           #8 & #10           2019 – 2020

Cascade Golf Magazine

Pacific Northwest                         #4 & #5             2013 – 2019

Top Ten Public Course

Golf Advisor Washington

People’s Choice Award                #1                       2020

Washington PGA Chapter

Resort Merchandiser                   #1                      2012 & 2020

of the Year

As you can see – Awards are really a team effort from every aspect of a golf course facility.

The Golfweek 2021 state by State Rankings

Below is a list of the recently released Public Course Rankings for 2021.  The Bates Golf Group designed SEVEN of their award winners. Four in the Top Ten in Utah alone . . . and that is a big deal.

Golfweek’s Best Public Courses – 2021 – Designed by Gene Bates

State                         Course                                City                       Rank

California                  Bayonet GC                         Seaside CA           #18

Idaho                         Circling Raven                     Worley ID             # 1

Utah                           Soldier Hollow Gold           Midway UT           #4

                                    Green Springs                    Washington UT    #7

                                    Soldier Hollow Silver          Midway UT           #8

                                    The Canyons                        Park City UT         #10

Washington               Salish Cliffs                           Shelton WA          #4

See the Golfweek’s Link to All 50 State Ranking:  

Click Here For Golfweek’s Link

With this list of Golfweek’s Best Courses You Can Play, they present the best public-access courses in each state, as judged by their nationwide network of raters.

Ranking KEY: (m) modern, built in 1960 or after; (c) classic, built before 1960. For courses with a number preceding the (m) or (c), that is where the course ranks on Golfweek’s Best lists for top 200 modern and classic courses in the U.S..     * Indicates new or returning to the rankings.